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Daz Games (Daz Black/Darren Blackmore) Grooming Allegations

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Over the past week, Daz Games (Daz Black real name Darren Blackmore) has been accused of grooming a 13 year old fan. They supposedly met when she was 13 and then met again when she was 19. They matched on Tinder on 26, May, 2021. At this time she would have been 18 and claims he groomed her from when she was 13, while not providing evidence of any grooming messages from her aged 13-19. She also claims that they smoked weed and then had sex, etc, but Daz does not smoke weed or do any drugs including cigarettes. He has publicy said in a video he does not smoke, or smoke weed, and doesn't understand people who do.

Here is a picture of them when she was allegedly 13.

This photo could easily be innocent and not anything sinister, for example, it could be at a fan meet-up, at a restaurant, or a pub.

Here is also the image of the Tinder match,

She also claims she met up with Daz at a pub near her home, but is off camera and she cannot be seen. While there is evidence of Daz meeting a girl, this does not prove he groomed her. From researching it may seem the girl in the photo could be his sister.

It may seem that this women in the photo is his sister, as he tweeted out "Happy Birthday sister".

There is still no message evidence that Daz has groomed his alleged victim, just photos and a video of them meeting up. Some people are claiming that is one of Andrew Tates followers making up the story to get revenge on Daz getting Andrew Tate deplatformed.

We reached out to Kate, Daz's ex-partner for a statement, and she claims the girl in the photo is her and Daz's daughter. Screenshots below.

We once again reached out to Kate for a statement but has yet to reply. We have also reached out to Daz's management and himself for a statement, but are yet to receive one.

We personally believe Daz is innocent, but are OPEN to reasons as to why he isn't.

Update from Kate (as of 16:22pm, GMT)

Kate's statement states that the girl in photo IS possibly their daughter OR one of his friends. She has however confirmed it is NOT his sister.

We want to make one thing clear, after reviewing the evidence we have seen and been given, there is NO proof that Daz groomed a 13 year old.

Daz plans to release a video debunking these allegations in the coming days.


Daz has released a Twitter stating and providing proof that these allegations are false. In the video he states he met the girl originally at a fan meet-up at Comic-Con, and then matched with her on Tinder in May 2021, not knowing it was the same girl from the fan meet-up. When they matched on Tinder, they went on a date, had drinks and had a consensual one night stand between two adults with no plans from either side stating they want a serious relationship. When she showed him a picture of them meeting before when she was 13 and stating she is a fan, he decided to block her on everything and to not pursue a relationship with the fan any further. Daz further mentions they never exchanged contact details at the fan meet & great at Comic-Con, and also states there is no DMs between the two over the 6 years she watched Daz.

He understands that ghosting her may have hurt her feelings, and is sorry for that. But he is seriously annoyed that she decided to spread false allegations.

The photo of when she was 13 was taken at a fan meet & great at Comic-Con.

Watch the video statement below.

Source: Daz Black Twitter

Daz also has spoken about this story in a YouTube video by Vania Fernandes a couple years back stating he had a date with someone he matched with on Tinder and that they went for drinks and that she spent the night in Daz's hotel room and then had sex. After having sex, she confessed to Daz saying that she was a fan and that she met him once before when he was 13. He then told her that dating won't work as he has a rule of not dating fans. She then proceeded to cry, have a break-down, and he offered to take her home and felt sorry for her.

Watch that video below:

Source: TRUTH OR DRINK ft. Daz Black

Recently, supposedly more girls came forward to claim Daz took an interest in them when they were underaged. These are the photos people are claiming are the same girl.

You can clearly see these girls are two DIFFERENT people and are not the same girl. These allegations are getting worse, and to the point of disinformation, slander, and defamation.

In a video where Andrew Tate exposes Daz Games, he and his brother, Tristan, claims Daz groomed a fan saying he will get her fame, that he will collab with her etc if he sleeps with her. This is false as in the screenshots etc, Daz never promised any of this. Tristan also claims that Daz slept with her when she was 13. This is not the case, Daz slept with her when she was 19.

Watch Andrew & Tristan's video:

Source: Emergency Meeting 2 - We’ve only just Begun

People have also came out saying that Daz has been buying explicit images from people on Snapchat. While there's screenshots of this, it is not illegal for an adult to buy explicit images from other adults.

Watch that video:

Source: Twitter User

We will update this story when there is more evidence, screenshots, etc.

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