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Hugely popular Content Creator Dream exposed as an Alleged Groomer

Not too long after his internet breaking face reveal, Minecraft content creator and wildly successful youtuber Dream, real name Clay, has faced allegations of grooming from a twitter user, who will remain unnamed.

In the wake of Twitchcon USA, a twitter user had claimed that Dream had flirted with her in early 2020, when she was 17 and Dream would've been 19, claiming that Dream had knowledge of her age and decided to do it anyway. These tweets have since been deleted, but were reposted to a burner account (account made solely for the purpose of posting them)

She tweeted: 'I'm not here to fully prove my experience that I know happened. I don't care about showing every receipt. Here's me telling him I'm 18 SOON (not yet). I also believe I clearly had '17' in my bio the same time I have 20 now. I have him asking for my snap and we talked about school."

The user would also share screen recordings of the alleged dms to prove that these dms came from his actual accounts. She would claim that the 22 year old was 'sexting' her when she was a minor, however the most explicit dms in the screen recordings only contain heart eye emojis. They also claimed that the most damaging and explicit messages happened on snapchat, which deletes messages 24 hours after viewing them, hence why she didn't have any evidence of them.

Dream would retalliate to this with a thread on his private twitter account, @dreamsecretclub, stating the following: "Wake up to people making disgusting false allegations for the millionth time. I'm going to enjoy my last couple of days in LA and not let people try and ruin it, My heart goes out to actual victims who get questioned in their hardest moments because of stuff like this."

"F--k you if you abuse concern around horrible real issues out of spite," he went on to say. "It's sad to see the trend that whenever there's something big going on for me, or for friends of mine, people try and use those moments to spread negativity and lies. Hopefully everyone's day isn't ruined."

On top of this, another twitter user named Amanda came out with her own allegations of Dream grooming her, posting screenshots and screen recordings (both within the phone's screen record feature and recording her phone on another device) of her dms with Dream, as well as a since-deleted TikTok talking about the situation. 8 hours after this, she revealed Dream had blocked her on snapchat hours after the allegations were made, accompanied by a screen recording of her attempting to add Dream's snapchat to no avail.

Dream then made his statement on the allegations, again to his private twitter. He detailed both allegations made against him, stating that both these girls were 18, which clashes with the girls' evidence, as well as stating that he did not engage inappropriately with either of the girls, and accused one of the girls of being in leaktwt, a twitter community that focuses on leaking personal information of various creators. He went on to say he has entirely stopped replying to fans messages on social media, but multiple screenshots have since been released of him replying to fans messages on social media, proving that part of the statement to be false.

The full statement can be found here:

Not much information has been released since then, with both sides reportedly taking legal action.

All of the revenue made from this article will be donated to the NSPCC, a child protection charity that helps children escape various forms of abuse.

If you or someone you know has been affected by child abuse, these organisations may be able to help:

The Child Help National Child Abuse Hotline:


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