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Terrabyte Music Partners with ClickNClear

We have partnered with ClickNClear, a music licensing company powering Sports, Fitness Mixes and Online Events.

ClickNClear are the world's first company to solve the complex music licensing issues in these sports and are backed by music industry record labels and publishers to offer the biggest and best selection of music available for use by teams to event producers and federations.

Their unique suite of technologies support federations in tackling copyright infringement in their sport whilst increasing engagement and participation, whilst protecting both the users of music and its creators.

  • They are music industry licensing professionals.

  • They believe artists deserve to be compensated for their creations.

  • They are also performance sport athletes, coaches and judges.

  • They want the sports we love to thrive through the use of popular music, and the use of unlicensed music threatens that.

  • They want awesome, affordable, 100% legal music for everyone with all of the rights needed to support each sports ecosystem.

Here is a quote from ClickNClear regarding the partnership.

“There is strong demand from our sports and fitness customers for all genres of music including specialist and regional music worldwide, with dance / electronic tracks being a consistently popular choice. We are therefore delighted to now be able to offer Terrabyte's music as part of our catalogue.” - Dave Knowles, Rightsholder Relations Lead.

Our Founder, Tom Taylor had this to say:

“We are pleased to be offering our clients a new outlet to get their music out there to the world on. ClickNClear is clearly one that helps companies and users with finding the right music for their venture. We believe offering our clients music to sports, coaches, etc is a huge step forward and will grant ClickNClear to over 3,000 releases to license to sports and online events companies.”

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