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ስለ እኛ.

Sit back, we'll take it from here.

እኛ ነንተጨማሪኩባንያ ብቻ ሳይሆን.

በዓለም ዙሪያ ባሉ መደብሮች እንድትሰራጭ መርዳት ገና ጅምር ነው፣ ለሚሉዎት ጥያቄዎች እርስዎን ለመርዳት 24/7 ዝግጁ ነን፣ እና እዚያ አናቆምም



Hi I'm Tracey I am The Director of Terrabyte Music Limited, I am a big lover of music, I love the 80's, nice to meet you!


Hey hey hey! My name is Zammis I am Tracey's right hand man the 'Co-director'. Music and people are my passion and love!



Hey I am Holly, I am responsible for all the numbers and making sure they are correct! yes I am the one and only accountant!

Hellooo! My name is Char and I’m the social media manager! I also handle any concerns you may have! I also help with music distribution, and I love helping people!


Haydon is apart of our Content Operations team who works on a day-to-day basis of approving, reviewing and rejecting releases for distribution.

እኔ ቶም ከዳይሬክተሮች አንዱ እና እዚህ በቴራባይት መስራች አንዱ ነኝ፣ የኩባንያው መስራች እንደመሆኔ መጠን የኩባንያውን የወደፊት እድገት እከታተላለሁ እና ለሁሉም የሱቆቻችን የሚደርሰውን ይዘት አስተዳድራለሁ።


ኦስቲን የቴራባይት ሙዚቃ ተባባሪ መስራች እና የአሜሪካ እና የካናዳ ስራዎችን ይቆጣጠራል።

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