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Merlin & Pinterest Announce Partnership

Today, Merlin, Our licensing partner who we license the majority of our deals from, announces partnership with Pinterest.

This partnership expands Pinterest’s existing royalty-free music library to include licensed tracks, powered by 7Digital, the leading B2B digital music solutions platform. Additionally, Rumblefish is providing Pinterest with music metadata and license management services.

Being able to add known and trending songs to Idea Pins has been a top request from creators. It will enable them to engage more deeply and creatively with their audience, unlocking new ways for them to inspire through their content with music expression.

In addition to the new catalog of music and artists, now available on iOS and Android, Pinterest also rolled out a new music UX to make it even easier for Pinners and creators to find and add their favorite tracks to Idea Pins. This new experience will give users the ability to search for their desired track by song title, artist, or keyword.

Terrabyte is proud to announce with this partnership with Pinterest through Merlin, we will be able to include our clients content to the music library.

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