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  • What Songs are Eligible for YouTube Content ID?
    If your release contains any audio (beats, loops, samples, video game sounds, other peoples' music...) that you didn't create yourself, it is unfortunately ineligible for YouTube Content ID. YouTube is really serious about this stuff. All of the following must be true for a release to be eligible: You created all of the sounds Your release does NOT contain beats, loops, sound effects, or other audio downloaded from sample libraries or other public sources. This includes sounds that are available for free from GarageBand, Ableton, Logic, Fruity Loops, etc. You will not allow other artists to remix your song(s), or use any of the sounds from your song(s) in their own songs. That's because if their remix gets uploaded to YouTube, Content ID may claim it as yours. Or if the remixer opts into Content ID, it may think your version is the same song, and claim it as theirs. It's all very complicated. Your release does NOT contain public domain recordings or songs. Your release does NOT contain sounds from video games, television, movies, etc. Your release does NOT contain any audio from other peoples' YouTube videos. You are the only person who will add this single to YouTube Content ID. Nobody else (band members, producer, etc.) will also try to add it to YouTube Content ID, because that causes a mess. You have NOT used another company, such as TuneCore or CD Baby, to submit this single to YouTube Content ID. That will cause a conflict, and a mess. If your release contains any of the categories listed above, your release(s) may longer be sent to YouTube (via Symphonic) in the future as it puts a risk to them of having all their assets and CMS suspended if they are found to have fraudulent content constantly submitted to YouTube CID.
  • My music was submitted to Content ID and I want it removed. How can I do this?
    Create a ticket and provide us the UPC/EAN you wish to have removed from Content ID. We will then ask Symphonic to remove the song recording assets from CID. We will then follow us letting you know that the release has been removed from YouTube CID.
  • How Can I Set a Custom Release Date and or Time?
    We support 'go live' times for releases so that they can live at the time YOU want them. We can also make a release have a country exclusive release date where it can go live in one country at any time and then the rest of world on the full release date. You can also make releases go live in multiple countries on one date and the rest on another. To get this set up, email us or create a ticket and supply the UPC/EAN and the following: Release Time and date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS) Country Custom Release Date Examples: GB 2022-02-22 14:30:00 WW 2022-11-11 10:00:00 Follow the example correctly and our team will add this via the backend and send a metadata update or delivery depending if it's new or already distributed.
  • What Is An ISRC?
    The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international code that identifies each of the songs in your album or single, as if it were your ID. Once assigned to a song, you must use it whenever you publish that same song, for example, if it is published as a single and is later part of an album or EP. If you don’t have ISRC’s for your songs, Terrabyte will assign you a code for each one.
  • Required Fields
    In order for your release to be approved, you must add the following to your releases: Composer Lyricist/Songwriter (only required if song has vocals) The reason these are required is because stores now request that everyone who participated on a song is credited and that they are acknowledged. If your release doesn't contain any of the listed above, it will not be approved and we have its status set as "Error".
  • Do You Distribute Music Videos?
    Yes! We do music video distribution but requires a different process and lots of manual work from our team. We distribute to Vevo/YouTube, MTV, Tidal, iTunes, Boomplay, Dailymotion, and many others. Please use the button below to submit a music video to us.
  • Custom Contributor Roles
    When making a release, we encourage you to use contributors fields such as Performer, Vocalist, Orchestra, Choir, Mixer, Mastering, Engineer, Producer, Conductor, Remixer, Soloist, Ensemble, Publisher and Arranger in order to properly credit anyone who helped on the song. We also support any custom contributor role but these have to be added by our team. Custom Contributor Role Examples: John Doe - Co-Producer John Doe - Background Vocals Jane Doe - Executive Producer Jane Doe - Drums John Doe - Piano The custom roles will currently be credited on the following stores: Tidal Tuned Global Boomplay TikTok/Resso Amazon Music When emailing us custom roles on your tracks, format as followed: Name - Custom Contributor Role Name
  • How Do I Add My Release to YouTube?
    We will submit your release to YouTube via our partner Symphonic Distribution the same day you submit your release to us. It's then down to their team to submit to YouTube. We recommend submitting your release to us at least 2 weeks in advance so we can ensure your release will go live on the 'Go-Live Date'.
  • Can I choose which stores and streaming services I want to distribute my music to?
    Yes, but by default we will send your release to all our Distribution partners. If you want your release(s) to not go to a certain DSP, please raise a ticket and state the UPC/EAN (or Release ID) and we'll remove your release from the store(s).
  • How can I change the price of my release in stores?
    Create a ticket with the UPC/EAN (or Release ID) and state the following prices you'd like your release to be. Back Mid Front We can also make a track 'Album Only' which means that the track can only be downloaded as part of purchasing the full album. Once you've selected one of these, our team will make the metadata updates and send to stores. By default we select "Front" on your release pricing.
  • Can I remove my release from individual stores?
    Yes! Create a support ticket with the UPC/EAN (or Release ID) and state the stores you want the release removed from. Our content Ops team will then send the takedown to the stores you specified and they will be removed from the service within 1-2 weeks.
  • My release is on the wrong artist page!
    Don’t worry! We can help you get your content mapped correctly. Unfortunately, releases can sometimes land on the wrong profile. If artist names are similar or match to others, there’s a chance your music will land on someone else’s artist page on stores. Release location is dictated by the stores, but we can request that it is either moved to the correct artist page, or a new artist page, once your release is available on the stores. Contact our support team, provide them the incorrect page, and then state the correct page. We will then add the correct page in our back-end and submit a metadata update to the services. **NOTE** Soon you'll be able to add your artists link to your future releases but this is expected sometime in 2023.
  • How Long will it take for my music to appear on stores and services?
    Your music will be available on more than 100 broadcasting and sales platforms within 21 days of our sending the content. Some services will release it in 24 hours, others in 72 hours, others need a week and the smallest will take the full 21 days. Unfortunately, it does not depend on us, but on the processes of each of these services. What we do assure you is that in 21 days there will be no part of the world where your music cannot be heard, as long as that part of the world has an internet connection, of course. Our recommendation is that you plan your releases with plenty of time and have your product ready in the system at least two weeks before the launch date indicated on the product. Without haste things always run much more smoothly.
  • Can we release a cover song?
    Yes! Just ensure to credit the songwriters with the composer and or lyricist role. We will handle the rest! Just note, if you release a cover song we will take 20% whether or not you're free or paid plan, as we need to cover the mechanical license.
  • Can I Modify the metadata after my release has been approved?
    Yes! Just edit release on our system and make your changes. Once made, hit save, and the hit send either full update or metadata update., and our team will review within a couple hours and will send updates to stores and services that accept updates. Please note, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple weeks for metadata updates to reflect on stores, it all depends on the service. You can edit the following information on your release: Release Title Release Version Artists Credits Audio Files Cover Art Release year C & P Line Preview Start Time The Following cannot be edited: Release Format UPC/EANs ISRCs Catalog Number Custom IDs
  • How do I switch to Terrabyte Music from another music distributor like TuneCore, CDBaby or DistroKid?
    It’s very easy to switch to Terrabyte from another music distributor. In order to switch to Terrabyte from another distributor, you will need to contact your current distributor and request that they take your content down from stores and streaming services. Once they have provided you with a date, your music will be removed – you can then upload your music through Terrabyte Music and we’ll send it out to stores and streaming services. When uploading make sure you use the same ISRC and UPCs as you did with your old distributor as this will help to keep your statistics and playlists within streaming services.
  • What is an EAN/UPC?
    The European Article Number (EAN) is the code needed to market your product. The digital equivalent of the barcode of a physical product. A series of thirteen digits that allows your work to be identified all over the world. If you don’t have it, Terrabyte Music will assign you one free of charge of its own.
  • Where Will Our Content Be Available?
    Your content will be available on the following platforms: Stores marked with * are genre selective. 7digital ACRCloud Amazon AMI Entertainment Anghami Audible Magic AudioMack (via Symphonic) AWA Boomplay Bandcamp Deezer Facebook/Instagram Hardstyle* Hungama iHeartRadio iMusica iTunes/Apple Music Jaxsta JOOX KDigital Media KKBOX Medianet MePlaylist Mixcloud Pandora Pretzel JioSaavn Shazam Ayoba! SiriusXM Slacker SoundExchange SoundCloud (Content ID) SoundMouse Spotify Stellar Entertainment Tencent Tidal TikTok / Resso Snap Napster JunoDownload* (via Symphonic) Beatport* (via Symphonic) BMAT MonkingMe MusicJet Qobuz Music Worx* Kuack Media Group VEVO Roxi Triller Kanjian Wynk Tuned Global YouTube (via Symphonic) DJ Monitor Musiton Traxsource* ClickNClear LarkPlayer (via Symphonic) Promo Only* (via Symphonic)
  • How Do I Sign Up?
    Sign up using either our Free Plan or Paid Plan. Both plans offer different benefits so pick the one best suited for you. Click the button below to sign up.
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